About Us

Known for our commitment to “Keeping Kosher…Supporting Israel”, Sarah’s tent was established in 2007, with the main purpose of serving the Jewish community by providing quality products and excellent customer satisfaction.

All of our products are inspected to ensure that they are made from fresh ingredients to guarantee that our customers are getting quality products. We are more than a supermarket, we are your one-stop-shop for all your kosher needs.

The TitleWhat do we Offer?

In addition, we offer exceptional customer service, and an exciting shopping experience where you get more for your dollar…

  • Catering –We cater to your every need; birthdays, corporate meetings, social gatherings etc.
  • Deli – Delicious cooked food, salads and cold cuts.
  • Bakery – Mouth-watering breads, pastries, and cookies baked to perfection daily.
  • Pizzeria – Fresh cheese and veggie pizzas daily.
  • Wines – Excellent selection of over 200 different wines from all over the world.
  • Groceries – A full selection of groceries; including meat, produce, dairy, etc.

Excellence & Quality at its best!